Linda Muri Goes to Hollywood (ish)

Ready, Row! USA #97

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Heart of Champions, which in the beginning of its production was called Swing, is set in 1999 at an Ivy League college where a group of friends and rowers have their lives changed when an Army veteran, played by Michael Shannon, takes over as the coach of their crumbling team.

[SCENE: Fall of 2019, on an LA movie set]
Less than a week after the 2019 Head of the Charles, accomplished athlete & coach Linda Muri found herself spending a week in LA (not *that* LA – Louisiana LA, hence the “ish” in our episode title, lol) teaching a group of actors how to row on a movie, then called “Swing.”

[SCENE: Five weeks later, still on the movie set]
Much to her surprise, Linda is still on the set as filming wraps up on the independent film, going from an intial assignment of a 5-day rowing camp to daily rowing consultant and advisor for the duration of the production.

[SCENE: Five weeks later, USRowing Convention 2019]
LInda Muri sits down for an interview with #ReadyRowUSA about her work as the rowing consultant on “Swing.” We are fascinated! We want to be in the movies!

[SCENE: Fall of 2021, Head of the Charles]
Back at HOCR after the pandemic hiatus, we learn that the movie (formerly Swing) is being released as “Heart of Champions” this Oct 29. We book an interview with Linda – and here it is!

I bet you have questions. Join the discussion and ask Linda!

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