Atlantic Challenge: Team “Foar From Home” does a whale of a row

Ready, Row! USA #110

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Featuring Team “Foar From Home”

Ocean Rowing Episode Sponsor: The Wave Magazine

Pop-ups 3/2 & 3/4: ProwjectX, Wrekin Rowers, & Pacific Boys

In the leadup to the March 8 episode, we invite you to jump on these livestreams to ask questions, learn more about the race, and give shout-outs to the crews and their charities!

Touted as the “world’s toughest row,” the 2021 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge delivered on its promise to be the challenge of a lifetime!! From flying fish, whale escorts, and marlin torpedoes, to a brilliant ceiling of stars, wicked storms, strong headwinds, and over 50 days of constant, intense physical exertion the Atlantic Ocean gave all it could to challenge this year’s rowers.

In our main episode in this Ocean Rowing series, hosts Ryan Worth and Jason Cottingham talk with the Billy Cimino (Army), Caeron Hansen (USAF), A.M. Huppmann (Navy, Ret.), and Paul Lore (USMC) of “Foar From Home.” These four intrepid men from four branches of the United States military recently rowed for 51 days acorss the Atlantic, raising more than $886,000 for veteran suicide prevention through the K9s For Warriors program.

This annual race from LaGomera, an island off the coast of Spain, to Antigua brought together 36 teams from all walks of life, “united by the same objective: to take on the unique challenge of crossing an ocean in a rowing boat.”

This episode is produced by Pierce Press / Ready, Row! USA. Hosts and episode producers are past Atlantic rower Ryan Worth of Glide Boats USA and Foar From Home coach Jason Cottingham, founder of the new Rowing Parts Supply.

SERIES SPONSOR: WAVE, The Coastal & Offshore Rowing Magazine

Photo credit: Atlantic Campaigns, Foar From Home

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