The STEM of Rowing

Ready, Row! USA #98

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“I’m looking forward to discussing our approach to integrating STEM into rowing as a part of our effort to expand the reach of rowing and provide a more diverse and inclusive community. I believe that integrating curriculum is the way forward and creating real-world applicable experiences are vital for a student’s learning journey..” – Neil Bergenroth, gRow Tulsa Coach, Science Teacher & STEM app developer

Don’t miss this episode if you are involved or interested in the intersection of education and youth rowing!

Coach Neil Bergenroth of Tulsa Youth Rowing & has developed an app and a program to teach science, technology, engineering, and math through rowing.

Since we met Neil in 2019 at the #USRowing Convention (thanks Tara Morgan), we have been amazed at his focus, persistence, and creativity in pursuing this passion and igniting the spark of learning in young people.

So please join us to learn about Neil’s exciting innovation – and some of the exciting things we’re planning for our 100th / 3-year anniversary combo Rowapalooza in early December! (And for our 99th on 11/10, a preview of the USRowing Convention!)

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