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The Rise of Tacoma Rowing

Ready, Row! USA #116

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This Club Spotlight Pop-Up focuses on access innovations & community connections that are part of the DNA at the new Tacoma Rowing Club.

“In the shadow of Mount Tahoma, we strive to be a program that truly reflects the diversity and strength of our community.” – Tacoma Rowing website.

Tacoma Rowing’s coach & founder Dave Harvey join us on this livestream “pop-up” to bring us up-to-date on this new club, which is committed to creating an atmosphere of inclusion and removing the barriers that have historically made the sport of rowing exclusive. “We believe that the long-term development of our youth, mentally, physically and emotionally, will unlock their inherent potential,” said Harvey.

In addition to several middle school and youth summer programs presented in collaboration with USRowing’s Stem To Stern, Harvey mentioned the club’s new Collegiate Rowing Explorations Workshops (C.R.E.W.), another free program aimed at communities historically underrepresented in rowing. Also on tap this summer are adult Intro to Rowing classes, and “Monday Morning Rows for BIPoC Entrepreneurs,” which was the brainstorm of a community member, and something we’re very excited about.”

“We may not have an aesthetically pleasing or large fleet yet, but we do take great care in choosing boat names,” added Harvey. “In my opinion, similar to choosing to do an indigenous land acknowledgements (#knowwhereyourow), boat names send a very important message. There’s a Boat Names page on our website with some history of the  people behind them.”

As you might have guessed, starting and running a rowing club is not cheap, and Tacoma Rowing has a GoFundMe page where donations can be made with the goal of financing a permanent structure, aka “boathouse.” Every bit helps!

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