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Ready, Row! USA #118

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As an army of weekend warriors gets set to try the sport on Learn-To-Row Day June 4, Ready, Row! USA takes a look at how boathouses & rowing programs can retain these new enthusiasts as sustaining members.

Boathouses and rowing programs are gearing up for USRowing’s Learn-to-Row Day on Saturday, June 4. Individual clubs have their own schedules for Learn-to-Row (LTR) programs as well, throughout the rowing season.

With this annual event in mind, we’re bringing in LTR experts Tara Morgan of Seize the Oar and Dave Harvey of Tacoma Rowing to discuss ways that boathouses and rowing programs can retain these rowing “snackers” and turn them into long-term members who will help sustain the club and promote the benefits of rowing.

When Tara Morgan learned to row, she only stuck with it for two seasons before opting for other sports. But like for many of us, rowing lured her back in. And now, as the founder of Seize the Oar, Tara launched the Global Inclusive Learn to Row Project – an initiative to bring together LTR coaches and students through online video tutorials (from RowSource.com).

Innovative LTR programs that resonate with members of the diverse community of Tacoma, Washington are baked into the operation of the new Tacoma Rowing Club, founded by Dave Harvey. “Basically we do not turn anyone away for any reason,” Dave noted during our TRC Club Spotlight  earlier this spring. “If they don’t know how to row, we find a way for them to learn.”

Photo: Paul McCabe, ABCrewTeam.org

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