Club Spotlight Series

Waco RC Forges Community Connections

Season 4, Ep. #122

Waco Rowing Center founders Luke Walton & Matt Scheuritzel give us a tour of this new club nestled in the rolling grass along the banks of the Brazos River south of Dallas, drawing from a diverse community of rowers – and future rowers!

When Luke Walton & Matthew Scheuritzel took over the Waco Rowing Center in 2021, they fell in love with the community and the Brazos River course, stretching from the historic bridges of downtown Waco to the picturesque bluffs of Cameron Park in Waco, Texas.

About the Founders

Waco Rowing Center started as Waco Rowing Club, a small nonprofit (established 2016) masters club for locals who had rowed or picked up rowing later in life.

Upon Matt’s arrival in Waco, and subsequently Luke’s involvement and move to Waco, they realized that this was some of – if not the best – rowing real estate in the country. 17 miles of flat river between the Brazos and Bosque rivers that run right through downtown Waco is made even more stunning when you realize the largest municipal lake in Texas, Lake Waco, is ten minutes down the road.

The WRC aims to engage Waco’s tight-knit, proud communities in the sport of rowing by bridging both sides of the city through the sport they know and love. They intend to infuse the program with the life lessons the sport offers while establishing the Center as a competitive youth program.

Not content to “simply” launch a rowing center, Luke & Matt decided this was the year to kick off the next great North American fall head race, the first annual 5K Waco Rowing Regatta, on Sunday Nov. 6, 2022.

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